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HVAC Service Provider

When you’re looking for a professional HVAC contractor, think Maryland HVAC Company. For nearly 40-years we’ve satisfied Maryland'ers heating, venting and cooling contractor needs. If you’re in the market for new units, we’ll provide you internet and phone quotes! If you need us to come out to your place for an inspection, we have techs available 24/7 and live reps on the line to take your call!

Full Service HVAC Contractor

When we say “full service”, we mean it! We’ve been providing top notch HVAC services in our community for decades.

HVAC Installation

We provide just about all types of heating, cooling, and air quality installations. Our techs will help you select the model that is most appropriate for you home and that provides you with long term savings.

At Sal’s, we work with some of the top brands and offer great warranties and service packages for new equipment!

HVAC Repair

Sometimes you need a professional HVAC repair service. Our 24/7 emergency service aids our customers so they don’t have to spend a night baring extreme temperatures. These expedited repair services keep you comfortable– and it’s more affordable than you may think!

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best form of preventative care for you appliances. Our HVAC contractors can make sure that your equipment is functioning properly and tune it up to ensure you get the most out of your unit. Regular maintenance can also help identify problems before the begin, saving you big bugs in the long run!

Best Things About Our HVAC Service?

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Clean up their area after work is complete
  • Mindful of your home while inside
  • Knowledgable about a variety of products
  • Constantly learning new tricks of the trade

Do you need a HVAC contractor right now? Call our 24/7 emergency service or submit a service request.